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                    Anqing Beeke Flame Retardant Technology Co., Ltd.
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                    Ammonium nitrate

                    Product name:
                    Ammonium nitrate
                    CAS No.:
                    Molecular formula:
                    Molecular weight:
                    Physical and chemical properties:

                    Referred to as ammonium nitrate,is one of the world’s major nitrogen fertilizers
                    At present, the production of ammonium nitrate is a white crystalline powder,and the other is white or light yellow Particles. Ammonium nitrate strong hygroscopicity,easy caking,deliquescence,the occurrence of “water” phenomenon. Easily soluble in water, At 20℃ for 187 percent solubility,high solubility of ammonium nitrate into nitrogen liquid nitrogen fertilizer solution,such as the main raw material. Ammonium nitrate in the water response was weak. Oxidation of ammonium nitrate and easily mixed with metal powder,the friction can cause violent explosions Can not be beat with a hammer,smash the wooden required agglomeration of ammonium nitrate,can be modified to make it granular or add stabilizer and inert material to reduce moisture absorption and increase security Ammonium nitrate is modified to improve its moisture absorption and an important way to prevent the blasting,the most important modification of nitrogen fertilizer ammonium nitrate is calcium ammonium nitrate ammonium nitrate and sulfur Calcium ammonium nitrate is ammonium nitrate and calcium carbonate(limestone or dolomite)formed eutectic mixture. Sulfur is ammonium nitrate and ammonium nitrate mixed together or eutectic mixture of NOx absorption of ammonium sulfate to the crystallization of the dry granule form
                    Ammonium nitrate in the soil without leaving any residual material,can be absorbed by crops,fertilizer is the physiological neutral. Ammonium nitrate applied a wide range of soil and crops,but the most suitable for dry and dry crops of tobacco,cotton,etc apply to cash crops in particular. Normally used on rice,the late top-dressing effect or,if so basic fertilizer,and its low-nitrogen fertilizer than any other.

                    Quality index:


                    Colorless Department Orthorhombic small granular crystal or white crystal

                    N content


                    Melting point


                    Relative density


                    Solubility soluble

                    Solubility soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, acetone and liquid ammonia, insoluble in ether

                    Mainly used as a fertilizer,can also be used as explosives,pesticides,refrigerants.
                    Packing specification:
                    25/50kg in woven bag with inner double layers plastic bag.

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