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                    Anqing Beeke Flame Retardant Technology Co., Ltd.
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                      Add:Anqing, Anhui, China





                      Contact:Xu Shengyun





                    Melamine Phosphate

                    Product name:
                    Melamine Phosphate
                    CAS #:
                    1. Non-halogen flame retardants, have better than halogen and fire than the added effects.
                    2. Add less than 25% is enough to make 1/16 test piece to meet UL94V-O-class, and a high retention of original properties and beautiful appearance.
                    3. With a wide variety of polyolefin elastomer material has excellent compatibility, can be made of high concentrations of flame-retardant masterbatch, to increase the diversity of processing.
                    4. Do not return, do not spit out the cream precipitation, surface water can not slip very much.
                    5. Do not drop down, does not contain any halogen down anti-drip agent.
                    Use of the Proposed:
                    1.PP:The amount proposed to be added 25-30%to UL94V-O-class.
                    2.PE:25-35%of the amount proposed to be added to UL94V-O-class.
                    3.not suitable for processing more than the actual temperature of 220℃.in order to prevent gases and affect the apparent performance of safety and toxicity:non-toxic,but bearing in mind that protective measures fine powder.
                    Quality index:
                    Appearance White Powder
                    Phosphorus content ≥12
                    Nitrogen content ≥36
                    Decomposition temperature ≥250℃
                    water-soluble 0.002(g/100ml H2O 20℃)
                    Density 1.8-1.9
                    Flame-retardant level UL94V-O

                    Applied to Tibia polyolefin resin,Cables,electrical appliances,vehicles,construction materials and interiorof the halogen-free flame retardant engineering plastics,etc.

                    Packing specification:
                    25/50kg in woven bag with inner double layers plastic bag.

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