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                    BASF intends to enhance the production capacity of LIX type extraction agent
                    Release Time:2016-06-15

                    Huicong plastic inquiry: BASF (BASF) will in County cork, Ireland LIX series products factory expansion, the project is currently in phase of investment is expected at the end of the first quarter of 2015 started production. LIX extraction agent is mainly used for the oxidized ore from copper hydrometallurgy. BASF produces a variety of reagents and provides excellent solutions.

                    Global water, oil field exploitation scheme Department Senior Vice President Fran? OIS Desn Poincar claimed: "we hope by increasing production capacity, and continuously meet the needs LIX reagents series of steady growth, this is our for customers provide a model for the high quality products and excellent service in the field, hope in the future to become worthy of their trusted supplier."





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