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                    A biochemical separation extraction agent turned magnetic particles
                    Release Time:2016-06-15

                    Biochemical separation is one of the important research fields in biochemistry. With the vigorous development of new bio industry, more and more requirements are put forward for the separation of biological products. The development of high efficient separation and purification technology is the key to the industrialization of biological technology. Institute, process engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences in extraction and separation with the accumulation of decades of disciplines, at present, green separation engineering and environmental biotechnology innovation team is a group of bold vision and courage of young people holding "baton", under the guidance of Tutor Liu Huizhou researcher, research and development a leading biochemical separation the frontiers of the new technology, Liang Rong Yang is the captain of the team of science and technology innovation teams.

                    A leading edge of the new technology

                    The innovation of biotechnology makes the large scale separation and purification of products become the key problem of biochemical engineering. At present, the field is still a lack of suitable for the large-scale production of advanced purification technology, biological products development scale, the high selectivity of the separation purification technology is the urgent need of National Bio Industry Development and enterprise technology innovation.

                    For businesses, large amount of biological and industrial product of the liquid, liquid concentration low achieve separation and concentration of high energy consumption, complicated equipment, complicated operation, difficult to achieve efficient continuous separation by using existing solid-liquid adsorption process equipment. Therefore, the development of magnetic direct capture technology is biochemistry from the important direction of research and development. In the face of high gradient magnetic separator amplification restricted, increase the cost, and cannot be truly continuous operation, team innovation under the guidance of a mentor in the proposed new air assisted superparamagnetic magnetic extraction technology, based on and the development of corresponding continuous extraction integrated device.

                    According to Liang Rong Yang introduced, the process mainly use flotation technology will be annexed and desorption of the target product of magnetic particles fast and efficient enrichment in extraction column above, then a continuous flow of magnetic particles in the extraction process by extraction column at the top of the magnetic roller. Therefore, the magnetic particles can be used as an extraction agent to realize the continuous operation of multi-stage extraction and reverse extraction elution process, so as to realize the continuous separation of the objective product. The whole separation process is rapid, and no need of additional flotation aids to avoid contamination, which greatly simplifies the system and avoids the loss of the protein.

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