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                    Phosphorus flame retardant will boost the organic production of plastic industry
                    Release Time:2016-06-15

                    Flame retardant industry is increasingly developing into a global industry. On the one hand, many flame retardant companies are participating in the world trade; on the other hand, the flame retardant regulations of a country or region tend to have an impact on the global industry rules.

                    In recent years, due to the decabromodiphenyl oxide and hexa ring dodecane was included in persistent organic pollutants, the development of halogenated flame retardants have great influence, which lead to the concept of non halogen flame retardant. Compared with the halogen flame retardant, the concept of the development of a number of non halogen flame retardants including phosphorus flame retardants, including the development of research and manufacturing. And in 2005, bromine prices continued to rise, and of phosphate resources in domestic price stability form sharp contrast, makes the price gap between the two is increasing rapidly, and brominated flame retardants prices once more most phosphorus series flame retardant price more than doubled. As a result, the rise in the price of bromine flame retardant promoted the rapid growth of phosphorus and nitrogen flame retardant in the market in 2005 -2012.

                    2012 China flame retardant consumption of about tons, of which the largest proportion of phosphorus flame retardant, the total amount of about tons, an increase of 90 thousand tons in 2008, the growth rate of 16.4%. Phosphorus containing flame retardants market to maintain rapid growth caused by many reasons, we believe that the most important reason is the main competitor of brominated flame retardant price due to high, followed by downstream market driven, the third is policies and regulations.

                    First of all, brominated flame retardant prices led to the rapid growth of phosphorus containing flame retardant. Global brominated flame retardants giant concentrated on Yabao, Chemtura and ICL. Since 2010, three companies will continue to improve its flame retardant agent and bromine prices of related products. Due to the rising price of brominated flame retardants, is bound to stimulate the phosphorus containing flame retardant agent consumption, promote the phosphorus containing flame retardant consumption market growth.

                    Secondly, the rapid development of downstream industries to flame retardant consumption growth. China phosphorus containing flame retardant agent of Halogenated Phosphate and halogen-free phosphate consumption accounted for 74% of the phosphorus containing flame retardant consumption, mainly used for building insulation materials, fireproof coatings, adhesives and copper clad laminate, composite materials, such as an area of rapid development, of which no halogen phosphate for the large number of PC/abs alloy; ammonium polyphosphate is mainly used for fire retardant coating and general plastics; phosphate is mainly used for engineering plastics polyamide, polyester and other engineering plastics; red phosphorus flame retardant agent is mainly used for engineering plastics and general flame retardant plastics; phosphorus impurity Phenanthrenes flame retardant agent is mainly used for copper clad laminate.

                    According to the flame retardant industry survey report shows, China since the 80s of the 20th century began working on poly ammonium phosphate synthesis and application. In recent years, especially the rapid development, in 2003 domestic poly ammonium phosphate dosage 0.8 million tons, and in 2012 reached 2.6 million tons, showing a continued growth in the state. With the strengthening of the national requirements of the flame retardant technology, in the future development, phosphorus flame retardant with its price advantage will continue to play the role of steady development.


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