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                    Anqing Beeke Flame Retardant Technology Co., Ltd.
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                    Anqing Beeke Flame Retardant Technology Co., Ltd. is an R & D, production and sales integrated professional flame retardant technology company. Company is providing different flame retardant solutions and products based on customer requirements. Having established long term cooperating relationship with university, institutes, together with the standard plant, advanced testing method, and a team of professional experts, those ensues the high quality products and the R&D of new products. Our annual production of non-halogen flame retardant products reaches 4,000 tons. The main products include: non-halogen flame retardant products Melamine Polyphosphate, Melamine Phosphate, Melamine Cyanurate, Aluminum(Zinc) Diethylphosphinate, Brand-new Char-forming Agent (MPOP、MP、MCA、ADP、ZDP、TCFA);

                    Our factory is located in Anqing Daguan Economic Zone (Hefei-anqing), on No.318, No.206 State way, Beijing-Jiulong railway and Nanjing-Anqing High-speed railway, neighboring the Anqing airport and Yangtze River Harbor. We enjoy your coming and cooperation.

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